When should you register your trade mark outside of Singapore?

register trade mark other countries singapore

You want to protect your brand and the geographical base in which you’re going to be conducting your business is in Singapore. Your trade mark is an important intellectual property, so you’re definitely sure you want to register your trade mark in Singapore. But what about filing for protection outside of Singapore? This should be…

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What are the legal ramifications of working on your startup on the side while working a full-time job in Singapore?

legality of juggling startup with full time job singapore

The startup world is rife with arguments over whether you should or should not build your startup on the side while working a full-time job. Some consider working on a side project inappropriate while others have no qualms about doing so whatsoever. Others, such as James Altucher, suggest that you have at least six months…

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What is the cheapest way to register your trade mark in multiple countries from Singapore?

international trade mark registration from singapore

There is a cheaper alternative to filing your trade mark individually with the respective offices of the different countries you wish to register in. Singapore is a member of the Madrid System, a system for the international registration of trade marks that is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation. This system allows a trade mark…

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When should I register a trade mark for my startup in Singapore?

Trade mark registration singapore

Entrepreneurs sometimes get confused between a trade mark and their company name or logo. They are not the same thing! In Singapore, a trade mark is defined in the Trade Marks Act as any sign capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing goods or services dealt with or provided in the…

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What every entrepreneur should know about convertible note financing

Singapore startup convertible note

Sooner or later, most promising startups will have to face the question of whether they should consider taking additional financing. There are numerous methods to raise money in the startup world, and Startup Legal Assistant will consider most of them in due time. For today, we focus on convertible note financing in Singapore, a relatively…

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Do you really need your investors to sign a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”)?

Non disclosure agreement document with pen

Startup founders are generally extremely protective over their business ideas. And they very well should be. While it’s become highly fashionable in the startup world to thumb your nose down on entrepreneurs who’re more concerned with their ideas than actually starting the business (as startup hipsters like to say, it’s all about execution), the fact…

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How to split the equity fairly in your Singapore startup

dividing ownership startup

Ah, equity. The ever-elusive reason why startup founders and employees are willing to work for peanuts. It’s a common question posed by most startup founders. How do we allocate ownership in the company in a fair and just manner? While this tends to be a delicate conversation point for entrepreneurs, we suggest hashing this out…

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Pre-incorporation checklist for a private limited company in Singapore

private limited singapore checklist

Proper planning in advance of registration can save you oodles of time and heartache. Use this simple checklist as a guide for what needs to be done/decided before making the application.

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