What should you expect when pitching for seed funding in Singapore?

pitching for seed funding Singapore

So you’ve weighed the pros and cons of getting an investor on board your startup and you’ve decided to bite the bullet and start approaching investors. You’ve sent your pitch deck to a carefully curated list of investors and you’ve actually gotten a few responses. Some of them want to arrange a meeting and you’re…

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What you need to know about liquidation preferences

liquidation preference singapore

It took a while but after refining your business, polishing up your pitch deck, and killing it during the interviews, you’ve finally gotten a few term sheets from Singapore investors on your desk. Every one of these term sheets seem to bring up a liquidation preference. So just what exactly is this liquidation preference and…

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What exactly is this Capitalization Table my venture capitalist keeps asking about?

Singapore vc cap table

A Capitalization Table (“Cap Table”) is basically a spreadsheet that illustrates how the startup has been divided up. It basically totals up the total amount of the various securities in the company and usually includes the amount of investment obtained from different funding sources. A detailed Cap Table tracks all different classes of equity (such…

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Why your venture capitalist gets preferred shares and you don’t

You‘ve registered your company in Singapore, jumped through all the necessary regulatory hurdles and issued yourself and your co-founders common stock. Now you’ve started sending your pitch decks to venture capitalists throughout the country and they’re all asking for preferred shares in the event they invest in your company. As an entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering…

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A primer to the Venture Capital term sheet in Singapore

venture capital term sheet Singapore

It’s your first time raising funds, and a venture capitalist has just presented you with a term sheet. You’re elated and your team of co-founders couldn’t be happier. Now before you start breaking out the champagne, you should probably realize that a term sheet isn’t a legally binding contract. Basically, your deal isn’t a done…

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Is it possible to finance your startup through crowdfunding in Singapore?

startup crowdfunding financing singapore

While the concept of crowdfunding in Singapore is still a fairly new one, it seems to have taken off like a rocket ship. Crowdfunding platforms such as Capital Match, Moolah Sense, Funding Societies and Funded Here seem to be growing from strength to strength, and the companies seeking funding on these platforms usually find their…

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What’s the difference between seed funding and Series A funding?

seed funding singapore

In Singapore and most of Asia, investors tend to be a slightly more conservative bunch than their Silicon Valley counterparts. For avid readers of Tech Crunch and other forms of startup porn, it’s easy to get the impression that raising a multiple-million dollar round involves nothing more than a pitch deck, a full-stack developer and…

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What are the benefits of using a SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) for your Singapore startup?

simple agreement for future equity Singapore

In 2013, Y Combinator came up with the SAFE as an evolution of the convertible note. The SAFE was developed as a quick and simple alternative to the convertible note, in the hope that it would save both investors and startups legal fees as well as reduce the amount of time required to negotiate an…

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